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The saga continues.  I didn't get to hear the blogtalkradio broadcast of this Vara character's show with the three witches of eastwick on it, as much as I wanted to and also had wanted to call in to confront directly.  I'll have to review the recording to really comment, but I can be fairly certain that the foot-in-mouth disease they all seem to be afflicted with is progressing, and likely new transgressions have been made.  More later.

Right here I'm going to post something my friend Lisa sent me, as she is somehow locked out of being able to reply to comments on her own blog - go figure.  We are all working on tight budgets and her free service somehow has bungled up her own ability to reply to comments left on her site; I hope she gets the problem solved soon, I have enjoyed getting to know her via email from across the planet this past year or so.

Lisa writes:

two comments left on my blog:


I am an african american person. I cant believe I used to read stuff on the website. Now It turns out the NWO Government NSA is controlling that site and, and this site too. And also which own Mother Earth Minerals, and reading the racism posted by that fake Dr True Ott, when he owns this online store, I realized it must be a front. I would not trust anything sold by him. And to hear that True Ott is your boss. When I read the jewish and women hating stuff posted all over your sites, then you are promoted by Ken Adachi as being a source of info, the Ken Adachi complains about you, that is what really allowed me to see the truth.

Today, 21:05:55

NWOexposer Posting this video all over made you look suspicious too. It is none of your business, unless someone is paying you to post it.

Today, 21:09:35

Sorry guys, but no matter WHAT I try, I CANNOT POST A COMMENT OR REPLY TO MY OWN BLOG!! Other people obviously have no problem doing it, but I CANNOT!

Because I can’t afford to pay for a subscription to the comment JSKit/HaloScan/Echo software program, I use their free program- and this is what I get for it.

So, if either of you can give an answer to this minion of Kane and Horowitz, I’d appreciate that very much- but also realize that it will look to them like you control my blog. I find this INFURIATING! And “Ken Adachi” has never once written to me or responded to me, so I have no idea what this person is talking about that KA promotes me as a source of info. That’s news to me!

Here’s what I tried to post as a reply:

“You are OBVIOUSLY one of the mind-controlled people being discussed in this ridiculous charade. My interest is that when I see good people being persecuted and lied about- then I post about it. I consider Dr. A. True Ott a friend, and I consider Alex Studer a friend. They both tell it like it is, regardless of crazy idiots making false accusations against them for doing so. I only fear Almighty God, not satan and it's tiny idiot minions. If you have real information, then by all means, continue posting your comments. Otherwise, just run along.”

Save The Planet- eat a globalist.

OK so my comments on the above: again crack is not just for breakfast anymore.  The language sounds consistent with other stalking comments I and others have gotten recently and much of it appears to be coming from the same source, a stalking troll we know as "loquai" or "david main" or "john smith".  This smells of psywar to me, and reminds me again of the nasty comments we heard coming from "citizen" jane burgermeister in late 09 as she was being exposed for her fraudulent acts.  I suspect we are dealing with representatives of the same group that put her on the scene, which I further suspect leads back to Bert Stubblebine the founder of cointelpro, just as the trail from Horrorwitch leads directly to Stubblebine.  I don't believe in coincidences.  The recent accusations that I and others are NSA is both humorous and flattering.  The NSA wishes they had a guy like me on their side - ain't gonna happen.  No, Michael A. Aquino over at 2430 Leavenworth here in SF knows better than to even think about asking for my help at the group he heads up, the NSA.  Type in the word illuminati backwards into your browser URL finder (itanimulli) then add a .com and hit return and see where it takes you.  Surprise!

I think it's really unfortunate whats going on with this Adachi/Boudreau fellow.  I'm no rocket scientist but from the reverse lookup data i've seen and the writing samples from "Boudreau" at and "Adachi" at, it strikes me that the same person could easily be typing both sets of texts.  One telltale sign for me is that this guy is not exactly the world's best speller and obviously isn't using any spellcheck on his writings ("viscious").  One big loud siren of a flashing red sign for me is and always has been the strange manner in which he accepts payment for the items he sells - stating outright he does not engage in commerce and only provides "gifts" upon receipt of "donations" - and only accepting money orders, and blank ones at that - no names to be filled out, indicating clearly he does NOT intend for "Ken Adachi" to printed as the payee.  Whatever he is printing on the payee line of the blank money orders he gets, it is anything but "Ken Adachi". 

Here's an interesting piece I found by Ken Presner regarding his interactions with "Ken Adachi":

Educate yourself about Ken Adachi. On his "Educate-Yourself" site Ken Adachi distorts statements on my site and attacks me personally. Let's examine Ken Adachi's diatribe line by line. Once you walk through this with me it will be hard not to come to the same conclusion as many others, that Ken Adachi's so-called "educational site" is produced by a "malicious liar" to promote the sale of his Silver Terminator and a miriad of other products. I will soon be posting more information regarding others who have strongly rebutted Ken Adachi.
The "educational" information Ken Adachi posted on his site in February of 2009 about The Ultimate Zapper and me was in response to a message he allegedly received on his "forum" from a person named "Jack" whose response to Ken Adachi's email never appeared on the "forum". In lieu of "Jack's" response to Ken Adachi's comments, here are my comments.
Ken Adachi:
1. "There are many web sites that sell a single frequency zapping device. The one you got is based on a 2500Hz frequency. It is based on the original design of Dr. Hulda Clark, but Ken Presner ( "improved" it by changing the duty cycle to about 90% (even though he ERRONEOUSLY claims that it's 100%)."
Ken Presner:
a) You will note that he puts the word improved in quotation marks, implying that The Ultimate Zapper is not an enormous improvement over the original Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper. A look at the Comparison Charts on my site show very clearly that not only is The Utlimate Zapper head and shoulders above the Dr. Clark A-6 Zapper it is also head and shoulders above Ken Adachi's Mini Silver Terminator which is a Terminator Imitator and all of the other 23 popular zappers on the market.
b) You will not that he falsely states that the "improved" (in his quotation marks) zapper that I have created was improved by changing the Duty Cycle to about 90%. This is totally false. The 90% Duty Cycle is only one of the features in The Ultimate Zapper's unique 11-feature formula that has "improved" it over the Dr. Clark zapper.
c) You will note the negative and pejorative tone of his posting. Here is a clear lie: "he ERRONEOUSLY claims it's 100%". I claim no such thing. In fact, if you read the front page of my site where I discuss the Duty Cycle I state very clearly that the Duty Cycle is "near 100%" and the oscilloscope views show this clearly. There is no such thing as a 100% Duty Cycle and I nowhere state that The Ultimate Zapper produces a 100% Duty Cycle.
d) What it all boils down to is that Ken Adachi's false statement about The Ultimate Zapper's near 100% Duty Cycle is a red herring designed to distract from the scientific evidence, presented on my site, that clearly shows that a Duty Cycle above 88% produces superior therapeutic results. Combined with the other 10 features in its unique formula this puts The Ultimate Zapper head and shoulders above all the other zappers on the market, including Ken Adachi's own zapper. The Charts show that his Silver Terminator has only 3 of the 11 features that make zappers effective. He offers no warranty at all, only a 30-day trial, and the cheapest model he sells requires a minimum "donation" of $280. I discuss the legal aspects of his "donation" payment system in #8 below.
Ken Adachi:
2. "It is not the "Ultimate Zapper" as Ken Presner claims. There are many things that he says on his web site that are either not true, or are distortions of the truth, or are misleading statements."
Ken Presner:
a) This authoritative statement by Ken Adachi is patently false as I clearly prove on the front page of my site, in the Comparison Charts and as the satisfied users of The Ultimate Zapper corroborate in 250 testimonials in The Archive, with more to come.
b) Ken Adachi states "there are many things he [Ken Presner] says on his web site that are either not true, or are distortions of the truth, or are misleading." So, where are the details to back up these serious accusations? Nowhere to be found. If you make a serious accusations either back them up or shut up. He does neither. He simply slings mud over the fence and runs for cover. My site comprises nearly 20 megabytes. It is the largest zapper website in the world, a work in progress that I have maintained since 1996. I document my site meticulously, especially the statements I make about The Ultimate Zapper for visitors to my site. Ken Adachi is a purveyor of deliberate misinformation. He is a malicious liar. He has a large ax to grind and he is very serious about grinding it. His so-called educational site is a front for selling his own Terminator Imitator zapper "offered" by Don Croft who created the Terminator.
Ken Adachi:
3. "He leaves you with the impression that his zapper will produce the same bio electrification results that Beck achieved to neutralize HIV. That is NOT true.. He even references the Kaali experiments at the Albert Einstein NYC College of Medicine that Bob Beck based his research on! Beck's design is FUNDAMENTALLY different in waveform, frequency, method of application and RESULTS."
Ken Presner:
a) It is absolutely true that The Ultimate Zapper will produce the same bio electrification results that Beck achieved to neutralize HIV. This is proven by many testimonials in the archive under the category BLOOD. It is clear to see The Ultimate Zapper has successfully treated many blood conditions including HIV, malaria and Lyme disease.
b) I reference the Kaali experiments because they were seminal research work. Nowhere do I state or even infer on my site that The Ultimate Zapper achieves its blood electrification results using the same principles as Robert Beck's device. On the contrary, The Ultimate Zapper and the Beck device work on entirely different principles. But they do in fact achieve the same results. Ken Adachi seems to be saying that only the Beck device is capable of producing blood electrification. This is a false claim for which he provides absolutely no proof, except his "negative proof" -- a failed attempt to debunk The Ultimate Zapper's effectiveness for blood electrification. This attempt to debunk has clearly failed because is has been resoundingly refuted by the experience of those wo have used The Ultimate Zapper for blood electrification and have achieved amazing results which are reported word-for-word in the testimonial archive on this site..
Ken Adachi:
4. "Many of the things that Ken Presner says may be true, but many things he says are also misleading and some are not accurate at all. Many of his statements are utterly specious and designed to make you believe that his zapper is the Be All and End All of zappers. He's a hype-ster of the First Magnitude."
Ken Presner:
After calling me a liar Ken Adachi then gives me credit for telling the truth but, in typical fashion, refuses to provide any details or specifics. So, the reader is left to imagine what I am telling the truth about, according to the authoritative Ken Adachi, and what exactly are those alleged "distortions", those statements that are "not true", those statements that are "not accurate", those statements that are "specious", those "misleading statements" and those statements "designed to make you believe that his zapper is the Be All and End All of zappers". Ken Adachi tops it all off by stating that I am a "hype-ster of the First Magnitude". Well, let me say this about Ken Adachi. He has the courage to sling mud at many people on his website, including me, and then runs for cover like the coward that he is without providing any details, any proof or any evidence whatsoever for the preposterous accusations that are obviously self-serving. As I pointed out, above, his so-called educational site is a front for selling his own Terminator Imitator zapper "offered" by Don Croft who created the Terminator. Ken Adachi is a malicious liar. But he is not the only zapper maker who lies about The Ultimate Zapper. David Etheredge of ParaZapper, Arthur Doerksen or Auto-Zap and David Amrein of Dr. Clark Research Association (not affiliated with Dr. Hulda Clark) all have published lies about The Ultimate Zapper. I discuss all of these issues in detail on my site on the Competition 1 and Competition 2 pages as well as this page.
Ken Adachi:
5. "Presner's claims of success are based on Hulda Clark's pioneering research, not his. He seems to want to take far more credit than he deserves. He's mainly interested in MARKETING and selling his zapper. He's OVERSTATING and hype-ing the capabilities of that zapper to the nth degree."
Ken Presner:
a) These are not claims of success. They are reports of success by users of The Ultimate Zapper. I do not hype these reports. On the contrary, I am overwhelmed and amazed by so many of them and, as a consequence, I tend to understate them, wary of the fact that unscrupulous competitors might take the opportunity of criticizing these reported results. Which they do. But in so doing they are actually criticizing my customers as well as me. In fact, David Etheredge of ParaZapper has stated that I made up the 250 testimonials on my site. When I replied with outrage on Curezone to his preposterous statements he began to backtrack. Typical of cowards, when you stand up to them with the facts and do not back down they cower away, tail between their legs. Ken Adachi is not only a malicious liar he is also a consummate coward.
b) I take credit for inventing The Ultimate Zapper, which is correct. Otherwise, who else should take credit for it? I am very glad when people get good results with it. I feel happy to do good work that helps people. One of the first things I state on my site it that I was "inspired by Dr. Hulda Clark" and there is a direct link to the Dr. Clark Page on my site where I pay tribute to her. Where do I say on my site, as Ken Adachi states, that The Ultimate Zapper is not based on the original Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper? Nowhere do I state this on my site and nowhere do I even imply this on my site. This is a lie created by Ken Adachi. How much credit do I deserve? Is seems that Ken Adachi has figured out that I "seem to want to take far more credit" than I deserve, which implies that I do deserve some credit, according to Mr. Adachi. He first creates a completely false issue then takes the opportunity to exploit it to his advantage. A typical tactic of a complete coward.
c) Next, he purports to know what I am "mainly interested in". Which is nothing good, of course. According to Ken Adachi I am mainly interested in, "MARKETING". Who is not interested in marketing who has a product to sell? Is marketing a crime? It sounds like it when you read Ken Adachi's authoritative "educational" site. My site comprises nearly 20 megabytes with over 30 pages (many of which run to over 200 book pages) devoted exclusively to health-related matters. It seems that Ken Adachis is implying that I should have an "educational" website like he has and pretend I am not using my site to sell my zapper, like he does with his Mini Silver Terminator, the Terminator Imitator. On my site I market (OK, I have admitted it) The Ultimate Zapper, footpads, a universal AC adapter for overseas orders, 3 e-books and one e-booklet. Ken Adachi's "improved" Terminator is a 3-feature zapper that costs over $100 more than The Ultimate Zapper. He markets his zapper and dozens of "packages" and add-ons on his site, many of which run into the hundreds of dollars for a single item. Ken Adachi wants us to believe that he is not "interested in" marketing, it is Ken Presner who has acquired this awful "interest". After looking at the matter, who does it appear is more "interested in" marketing, Ken Presner or Ken Adachi? You be the judge.
d) Ken Adachi states "He's OVERSTATING and hype-ing the capabilities of that zapper [The Ultimate Zapper] to the nth degree. " Well, I think I pretty well covered this one above.
Ken Adachi:
6. The Ultimate Zapper will do what a positive offset, 90% duty cycle, pulsing DC square wave will do running at 2500Hz, but it CAN'T reproduce the same results as the Beck electrifier because it's FUNDAMENTALLY different and not the same design at all.
Ken Presner:
Now, what the heck does that mean? "... will do ... what [it] will do ..."? This is mumbo-jumbo talk. Of course, The Ultimate Zapper does what it does. But Ken Adachi doesn't like what it does -- electrify the blood. As I discussed, above, The Ultimate Zapper produces the same effects as the Beck device using a different principle. The Ultimate Zapper does what Ken Adachi authoritatively insists that it CAN'T do -- produce the same results as the Beck electrifier. By the way, did you notice how he loves to use CAPITAL LETTERS? He does the SAME THING in his emails to me which are posted here.
Ken Adachi:
7. Beck's positive clinical trial results (involving THOUSANDS of people WITH AIDS) were based on using the BECK ELECTRIFIER and NOT based on Ken Presner's adulterated version of a Clark zapper that he decided to hype as the "Ultimate Zapper."
Ken Presner:
This is a totally illogical statement. Did I state the Beck clinical trials were based on The Ultimate Zapper's formula? Did I question their validity? Who said that the clinical trial results were based on my "adulterated version" [not improved but "adulterated", please note the pejorative language Ken Adachi uses] of "a Clark zapper"? Not me? Nowhere do I say or imply this. Ken Adachi made this statement. This is another paper tiger created by him which gives him the opportunity to lampoon The Ultimate Zapper, once again. The coward. There have been no clinical trials in support of the Blood Electrification effect of The Ultimate Zapper. I never state or imply that anywhere on my site. The evidence in support of this effect is empirical and I state this very clearly on my site. Empircal evidence fo the Blood Electrifcation effect does not make it any less valid. It proves the Blood Electrification properties of The Ultimate Zapper incontrovertibly. It is my customers who are verifying this. Is Ken Adachi calling my customers liars as David Etheredge did by denying the very truthfulness of their testimonials?
Ken Adachi:
8. Caveat emptor.
Ken Presner:
a) Caveat emptor, indeed. Yes, the buyer should be well aware Ken Adachi maintains a false "educational" site that he uses to denigrate others in order to "educate" his readers while encouraging them to purchase his products. Educate yourself about Ken Adachi. At the core of Ken Adachi's "Educate-Yourself" site is conflict of interest. No, Ken Adachi is not performing a public service as he wants everyone to believe. He creates the impression or being an educator to hide the fact that he is really a salesman.
b) Oh, by the way, before I forget to mention it, a small detail regarding the tax status of Ken Adachi. Ken Adachi pays no income tax on the revenue he receives from the sale of his products. He says on his site that he does not do "commerce". Selling Terminator Imitators is not a commercial enterprise, according to Ken Adachi, because he does not charge for his zappers. This is very nice of him, as well as very convenient. Are his zappers and other products free? Well, not exactly. He demands "minimum donations" for them. Donations are not subject to income tax. This may be to the chagrin of Uncle Sam and many people who visit his site to become "educated" and who who pay income tax on their own earnings, including the money they earned to purchase his Silver Terminator. Ken Adachi's deceptive business practices are typical of the way Ken Adachi runs his website. In the real world this practice is known as tax evasion because the intent is clearly to evade paying taxes using a false "educational" site as a front, not to run a legitmately educational non-profit enterprise. But in Ken Adachi's world tax evasion is business, as usual. Or should I say non-business as usual. Caveat emptor, indeed.
c) Ken Adachi's site, as has been noted by others, is comprised of pages taken from other websites to create the impression of an "educational" site. The only pages that are not plagiarized from others are those disinformation pages where he attacks others, including me, and the pages that market his zapper. Caveat emptor, indeed.
d) I sent Ken Adachi this message on the contact form on his site on March 17, 2009:

Dear Ken,

You can read my reply at

You are as insulting and as negative as you wish to be about those you talk about on your site but your "forum" instructions specify that "Insulting or negative email is not welcome." I find it very interesting that you do not abide by the same rules that you demand others abide by on your so-called forum. I think you should look up the definition of the word hypocrite.

Ken Presner


Click here to read the complete exchange of emails with Ken Adachi including additional relevant comments.
Read about my step-by-step program for detoxification and revitalizing the immune system in My Recovery Protocol.

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