Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Dr Ott mentioned this during today's broadcast, and I thought I'd just post up a few things I was able to dig up on this new beast, Project Enoch.  More to follow.

Just gonna take this opportunity to comment on those who say I am an "agent" or "employee" of A. True Ott and that we are "cointelpro" or whatever else is being said:  I don't work for anyone right now, and am collecting unemployment, period.   The only reason I choose to post links to Dr Ott's site and write my commentary about his broadcasts are for the fact that I trust him, and have come to know him professionally through my exploits now for the last three years, after first getting to know him through our mutual friend Dr Bill Deagle, on whose show I had been a regular guest for the better part of 2009.  I also follow, link to, and repost writings and articles from a number of other sources, some which may be contrary to the ideas presented by Dr Ott or myself.  I only feature Dr Ott because it is my personal experience, after carefully assessing so many other researchers, that he is uniquely genuine, and on the cutting edge of research discovering truths in areas no one else wants to go digging.  There are others like him, and when their research surfaces and pops up on my radar I duly post it as I get to it.  But I do this freely, because I want to and for no other reason, following the pure logic that the subject matter is relevant to my central thesis.  I am not and have never been a government "stooge" or anything else, I have never worked for any governmental agency, ever - federal, state or local.  I am and have been since I was in highschool a professional recording musician, and today continue to engineer and produce professional music recordings.  Anything else being said about me is purely misinformed.

Project Enoch

Dr. Mary’s Monkey: The Link Between Polio Vaccines, Cancer, & JFK’s Murder
3 Spineless Dems Picked for 'Super Dictatorship'
Sources: US is moving toward calling for Syrian leader to step down
Dr. Mary’s Monkey: The Link Between Polio Vaccines, Cancer, & JFK’s Murder
NATO Envoy: Military Planning Against Iran and Syria is Underway
A National Response to Two FDA Armed Raids on Rawesome
London Riots Investigation Confirms Police Planted Bullet and Lied, Murdered “Man Did Not Open Fire”
Guardian: The Ignored London Riots Context – 333 Deaths In Police Custody, 0 Convictions
Mad As Hell!
Marc Faber: "The Best Thing The Fed Could Do For Markets Wold Be To Collectively Resign"
Faber On U.S. Downgrade: U.S. To Have "Some Kind of Default", But Market "Incredibly Oversold"
The Price Of A Big Mac Is Now $17.19 In Zurich
Japan: Parents moving their children out of Fukushima
Haiti: 5,968 cholera deaths as of July 31
Who knew about Fukushima's radiation?
The BEGINNING ~ "World Rebellion" - 'WE THE PEOPLE'
Hawaii Pu’u O’o Volcano — AMAZING LAVA SHOTS! multiple views of fresh flow
Keiser Report: Episode 171

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