Sunday, August 21, 2011

Project Bluebeam, Elenin, Nibiru, "New Agers", HAARP and WWIII

As the "new agers" hugging their crystals and shockras keep promoting "healing" rituals - especially those promoting this "love frequency" - in addition to those speaking of "planetary alignments" and other numerological issues, it's important to perform a reality check and understand these are mostly all various forms of satanic ritual practices being promoted - many by ashkenazi khazars.

As we have seen planetary disruptions caused by the HAARP "death star" earthquake- and storm-causing scalar weapon, we see continued warnings from european "scientists" and so forth about this "elenin" and "nibiru" stuff - but you don't hear any US-based astronomers talking about this. Sure we may see more earthquake volcano and other earth changes, but I strongly doubt any of it will be 2012 revelation proving itself, nor will it be from any "nibiru" or "elenin" - most likely this super-death-ray scalar weapon called HAARP will be utilized to give us the illusion that such changes are caused by these fictional events when instead they have been meticulously staged and executed with military precision to preface yet another hoax, the simulation of an alien invasion referred to as "project bluebeam" whereby 4D holographics will be employed along with advanced black-op aircraft and spacecraft to put on the Biggest Show On Earth: a simulated event seeming so real, it literally scares the socks off of everyone, reminding us all how we reacted to the radio portrayal of "War Of The Worlds" way back when.   Add to this all the new-age crap coming out from the makers of the "zeitgeist" series of films, the increased public interest in satanic ritual pagan practices such as That Thing In The Desert happening next week, and this new talk of the coming "awakening", and in my mind it becomes easy to see the rapid spread of disinformation to the public through essentially satanic and anti-christian, very non-spiritual, ritual practices. Again here I'm going to refer anyone more interested in these clever and widespread deceptions to review the Bases film "The Velon Deception" which I have posted previously.

Some VERY strange things are going on with HAARP.  See the following magnetometer charts and you can tell that right on August 13 something changed, altering the patterns of what was being transmitted.  Induction graphs of before and after follow.  This smells VERY fishy to me.

Could this behavior somehow be linked to the development of Hurricane Irene and other tropical storms - in the same time period we witnessed Katrina (most likely another HAARP-created storm)?  You be the judge.

Fluxgate Magnetometer readings over past few weeks, showing marked pattern change beginning on August 13: 

Induction Magnetometer reading of a typical day BEFORE August 13:

Induction Magnetometer reading of a typical day AFTER August 13:

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