Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Once again on TSBTS with Dr A. True Ott PhD

Again, tuning into todays show I heard my name mentioned in the context of what's been happening with the attacks from the khazar drama queens and I felt compelled to call in.  I spent the latter 90 minutes of the show as Dr Ott's unscheduled guest as we talked about the issues of internet censorship, the false claims made against myself and others attempting to expose truth about two lying infiltrators, luciferian worship as it pertains to numerology and in particular this "528" crap, Dov Zakheim and the PNAC, Philip Zelikow, Mossad and 911, and the psyop group "cointelpro" founded by Bert Stubblebine.

Like I said on the show, these people are employing the basic psyop tactic we have seen repeated since day one of the 911 event: repeat the lie often enough, and people will begin to believe it as truth.

If people are so blind as to believe the slanderous BS lies coming from Horrorwitch and Scary Pain without doing any fact-checking, then they deserve what will ultimately come to them down the road for their ignorance: karma can be a real bitch if you put out enough bad energy.

Thanks again Dr Ott for having me as a guest again on your show.

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