Thursday, August 11, 2011

CIA/NSA Flying Nurseries for the Satanic Sacrificial Murder Machine

[just listening live this morning to The Story Behind The Story this morning on TME...]

Breaking revelation: reportedly Ted Gunderson divulged off-camera at an event sponsored by Dane Phillips involving Doug Millar, A. True Ott and others - that he had conclusive evidence to show - which he showed at the time - that there has existed for decades a fleet of modified commercial aircraft which are literal giant "nurseries" equipped for infant care, funded and fronted by the CIA and NSA, which fly to third world countries and round up small children, some infants taken straight from the mother's breast.  These children are then loaded up on these flying "nurseries" and then flown back to the US where they are "harvested" for satanic ritual sacrifices, pedophilia, trafficking and other harmful and malicious agendas.  

Now think like me for just a minute.  Who do you think that I think would be the head honcho of such an operation?  Take three guesses.  Slick Barry?  Be serious.  Dick Cheney?  He probably has his tentacles deep into it for sure but I doubt he is in charge.  Michael A. Aquino?  Bingo, ding ding ding ding, we have a winner.  My hunch is that this is who really heads up this operation.

As many as 400 to 500 thousand infants per year were reported by the late Ted Gunderson to have been collected and "harvested" by way of these regular sacrificial round-up flights.  This activity continues this very day.

Point of note: there are over a million abortions annually in the US alone.  Dr. Armand Hammer, a billionaire zionist, funded most of the abortion movement in the US.


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