Thursday, August 18, 2011

On TSBTS with Don Nicoloff and A. True Ott PhD

Well it just seemed like a ripe opportunity to call in after hearing Dr Ott continue his discussions of the "zombie apocalypse" chimera virus (rabies/smallpox/influenza), and the fact that Lenny and his entire facade does not even begin to address the genetic manipulations of fellow ashkenazi khazarians Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger and pals over at Ft Detrick US Armed Forces Pathology Labs.

Quite the surprise to hear Don Nicoloff join the airwaves while I was waiting on hold, and a nice surprise to be able to join them both for the last 30-minute segment of the show.  Of course I relayed a few of my personal experiences with the video, producing it then getting it censored from YouTube and having the wordpress site abruptly shut down - all for linking to a video posted on YouTube.  All this, meanwhile bearing signed and notarized express written permission from the filmmaker and owner of all original copyright to use that footage.

Interesting to note that after I filed the counterclaim with YouTube, they no longer cite the copyright issue as their reason for censoring the video, instead now claiming it "violates community guidelines" without citing anything specific whatsoever - and being unresponsive upon being asked to be more specific in their cited reasons for censorship.

I too was briefed on the upcoming planned 3-way between Horrorwitch Scary Pain and Babbles Fart-Smell, and gave this guy the benefit of the doubt.  No more.  Read on...

The video of them arguing lol that was low and everyone has fight with their other halfs. The show is going forward and if you debate what they say call in. Thank you for your concern
Michael Vara

Dude.  what planet do you live on where people normally fight with each other like this and pretend to love each other?   Certainly not in my hemisphere.  Not only am I not interested in calling in, I don't have any interest in hearing any of this filth you intend to broadcast, as it is clear you have already made up your mind and are in full support of the lying infiltrators I intend to expose by way of the video I most recently published.  

Take your horseload of crap elsewhere, Vara.  Good f*&%ing riddance.

You know what, You said research correct ? well so fare everything I have heard and seen so far points to them being the honest ones. That stupid video proved nothing except yes couple fight and say things they dont mean. Call in if you like and as I said you want your word in on air then you keep it clean or I will drop you like a hot coal. While your at it do not email me no more. I am done playing your games. Real radio host who are out for the truth bring guest on who speak it and show it ! I seen their proof now where is yours ? dont have none then bug off

Please put the crackpipe down and step away from the keyboard. 

Hey host here is another email you can stick on your wall !!! If they are so bad then why did you send this email ? Look the fact is I do not give a shit what you have done or not done. I would like to remind your stalking ass you contacted me I did not contact you. Based on all I have read it is clear to me you are sick in the head but not to worry my boy God still loves you. your email below. Now get a life DICK HEAD !!! all your emails from here on out go to spam and will not be read so waist your own time I m not waisting no more of mine

Again, please put the crackpipe down and step away from the keyboard.

Seems the attacks continue: as of this morning, Ken Adachi's site is offline.

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