Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More viral outbreak public conditioning and predictive programming - meanwhile media is SILENT on toxic worldwide spread of Fukushima radiation

Today on local news a bio-lab is featured on TV with DNA mapping technology to quickly sequence genomes so scientists can figure out how viral and bacterial outbreaks "became so fatal and resistant by mutating out of nature".  Ill go hunt and peck and see if I can reference the piece Im talking about and name some names.  This is obvious camouflage of the lab-designed bioweapon element with "plausible deniability" by selling the public the lie that these pathogens emerged naturally out of nature (C.Gatti fungus, the new e.coli and NDM-1 bacteria, the "mutated" H5N1, and the CDC-predicted "zombie" chimera virus), while at the same time predictively programming us to expect more outbreaks, especially with the release of the film Contagion coming up here next weekend.  Anyone with half a braincell can see just from the trailer that this film is not altogether very fictional at all, just foresightful.  It clearly spins away from the idea of lab-designed pathogens and focuses on the lie that such population-reducing pathogens emerge naturally out of nature, such as paid disinfo liars like Henry LIEman of "recombinomics" (making money off of studying recombination) would like you to believe.  All this says to me we are very close to the release of something very serious upon the world, and it won't be any accident, and it won't be anything out of nature.  Remember the film Twelve Monkeys?

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Quake-hit Virginia nuclear reactors “in an unanalyzed condition that significantly degrades plant safety”– Data shows quake may have exceeded design basis

NRC Report: Transformer “explosion” near turbine building at Maryland nuke plant

‘Unusual Event’ at Maryland nuke plant: Large piece from building hits main transformer, triggers reactor shutdown — Emergency response plan in use (VIDEO)

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I like what Deagle presents here with Rense, but I think there's much more to the story than just the bursts of radiation.  Yes the "smart" meters make your entire household wiring one giant cook-basket of harmful radiation, but there are also new-technology devices plugged into the wiring coming from the "smart" meter, any many which are clandestinely designed to operate specifically with the meter's computerized pulses of radiation and other energies, in particular scalar energies.  I first heard of this idea from Freeman when he was here months back for a few days on his way out to Australia.  Freeman had brought up the fact that all the new CFL "green" and "eco-friendly" lightbulbs were unique in ways most were unaware of, in particular the fact they are not a constant source of light such as that from a heated tungsten coil on a 110v circuit (aka the conventional incandescent lightbulb), nor are they the 60Hz strobe we have grown accustomed to from flourescent lighting; instead these new CFLs strobe in their native state somewhere in the 26,000 or 26kiloHz, and when pulsed with specifically tuned frequencies of energy can emit strobe patterns and energies of light that can affect many things in human physiology including perception, organ function, mood and mind control among other capabilities.  Specific data on this is scarce, as not many are even talking about such a combination being designed for such nefarious purposes, but I strongly suspect that in time we will find ways to test for and detect such manipulations and be able to begin defending against them.  We may all think the CFLs are saving us money, but the harmful side effects they could be permanently scarring us with could render any financial savings a moot point.  I personally am stocking up on old-fashioned incandescent bulbs as much as I can find them, because I am clearly aware at some point TPTB intend to phase them out completely in favor of the harmful CFLs to be used on the "smart" grid.  Think of how "smart" the grid is and what it is most likely designed for while sold under the ruse cover of "eco friendly" and now think about all those latest techno-toys you are plugging into your own grid, like that spanking new tablet, iphone, droid, or even your new coffeemaker.  Truth is stranger than fiction folks.

New Data Supports Previous Fairewinds Analysis, as Contamination Spreads in Japan and Worldwide from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

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