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Ken Adachi's piece on the ashkenazi khazar drama queens, and "Crack" Caine's slutty BDSM photos

I'm not exactly sure what's up with this Ken Adachi fellow - for the most part everything Ive seen on his site is mostly spot-on, except for a few things I have made contentions over in the past, particularly with regard to this "general jeremiah" character.  All that aside, it is true that his US-hosted site has been taken offline (although the Swiss mirror site is still up - backed up as of July 13), and this morning I wake to discover that yet again the video I posted has been removed from false claims being alleged by Lenny and his minions.  I do have a notarized signed consent form from the filmmaker and owner of original copyright, and am busy rectifying these errors made by so many video hosting sites.  Stay tuned, Ill have it back up shortly.

Finally some justice, one of the video hosting sites has un-censored the video:


Thank you for letting us know and sorry for the inconveniences!
Your file has been unbanned. Please use the following link to reach your

Meanwhile, here is Adachi's June piece he published on Lenny, with photos of Kane which have since been removed - the profile she used to have at has been removed along with all her slutty photos she used to have posted there.  But of course, I already had backups downloaded just for such an occasion.  Read on...

From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 5, 2011
June 5, 2011. I got a voice mail message from Luke Gatto who was dumbfounded to hear Dr. Len Horowitz on Coast to Coast radio on June 2 slandering and defaming Ted L. Gunderson and Dr. A True Ott, thanks to the "outstanding investigative reporting" of Horowitz's new girlfriend, Sherri Kane, for whom Horowitz apparently left his wife, Jackie, about one year ago. I don't believe that Horowitz has divorced his wife yet, but he has no qualms whatsoever about openly flaunting his relationship with Kane (he says it's that 528 Hz "love" vibration between them, but I somehow think that it must be something else that's " between them" that aroused his interest).
I've recently discovered that Horowitz and Kane have been appearing on dozens of Internet radio shows for the past few months repeatedly slamming Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, and Dr A True Ott (among other individuals, most of whom I have no interest in defending, but more on this later). I've also been reading Horowitz and Kane's recent "newsletters" which are solely devoted to the defaming Ted Gunderson, Don Nicoloff, A True Ott, and other perceived enemies of Kane, Horowitz, and their "smoking gun" Teller-of-Tall-Tales, Barbara Hartwell.
I exposed Hartwell in a series of articles written between 2000 and 2008, as a constant and pathological liar, under CIA mind control, who simply MAKES UP smear stories about Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, or me, and sends it out to every patriot type blog or conspiracy web site who will accept her garbage. It seemed that many web sites that formerly hosted Hartwell's wholesale mendacity began to realize that the woman is a full blown lying robot, and dropped her---until she attached herself to Horowitz and Kane (who apparently view Hartwell as some sort of Joan of Arc figure, despite her long recognized reputation as a MK Ultra programmed liar).
Horowitz's bizarre self image
Only now do I begin to read Len Horowitz's puff pieces about himself (posted to his various web sites), and I can clearly see what a "messianic" megalomaniac he truly is. He is nothing short of a Legend in his Own Mind; a "prophet," foretold in the Book of Revelations, he says, who was destined to appear on earth at this time, in order to inheirit the scepter of no less a personage than King Solomon himself ("my ancestors") and play a pivotal role in rescuing us from the Dark Ones and delivering the world into a new Millenium (British Israel) Utopia (phew... Folks, I am not making this up or exaggerating even one iota of what Horowitz has posted to his web site-- more on this later).
I'll review under a separate subtitle what I think may have unfolded in the past 3 or 4 years with Len Horowitz that has brought us to this juncture in which Len has decided to conduct a full bore smear campaign against Ted Gunderson, True Ott, etc,. thanks to his being "saved" by the "outstanding investigative reporting" of his buxom and leggy girlfriend, Sherri Kane.
Up until now, I normally wouldn't visit Lenny's web sites because I'm way too busy with my own stuff to take the time to read his stuff, but I generally viewed Lenny as an OK guy trying to help humanity. I first became aware of the name Lenonard G. Horowitz around 1996 or 97 when I heard him over KPFK radio and he was talking about his 1996 book, Emerging Viruses, a well written and convincing expose on the development and engineering of the HIV virus. While Len Horowitz added many new revelations about the intentional development of HIV by the US military-industrial complex as a bio-weapon, he didn't break the story; although he does deserve credit for expanding the story and bringing the subject to a wider audience. Tom Bearden had published a blockbuster book about the laboratory development of AIDS around 1986 or 87, but it was quickly and quietly suppressed. At the time, it almost got Bearden killed. J. Fletcher Prouty was recording audio interviews in the mid to late 1980s that also exposed the military's involvment in the development of AIDS. Even Jeff Rense published a small book about the development of AIDS around 1989 or 1990. There were probably others who exposed the AIDS story in the 1980s beyond these three, but I thought it necessary to set the record straight that Lenny's book, while highly contributory and widely circulated-receiving much more exposure than Bearden's book of ten years earlier- was not an exclusive or a first. The same goes for Lenny's book on chemtrails, Death from the Air published in late 2001. It's good stuff, but it wasn't groundbreaking, as I, Jeff Rense, William Thomas, Cliff Carnicom, and others were posting the chemtrail story from the winter of 1997-98 forward. Lenny's bloated view of himself, however, is most glaring when it comes to the topic of vaccines and vaccinations.
Anti-Vaccine Movement
In reading Lenny's self authored puff pieces and those written by Sherri Kane, you'd think that Len Horowitz had single handedly created the "anti-vaccine movement" worldwide. Again, while Lenny's writings about vaccine dangers are definitely helpful and contributory, he was hardly a pioneer in the exposing the story of vaccination risks. There's a very long list of writers who got out the story on vaccine dangers long before Horowitz was even born, let alone during his publishing career. I wouldn't mention this except that it fits into a larger picture in understanding the psyche of Leonard Horowitz. It's clear that Len is possessed of a delusional, "messianic" view of himself and his role in starting the "anti-vaccine movement" is part of that exaggerated self view.
Sherri Kane
From information I learned from Don Nicoloff, Horowitz teamed up with Sherri Kane after they got chummy following an event that Horowitz was promoting in Long Beach, California. Sherri either helped to coordinate the event or she acted as a producer, but I'm not really sure. I had heard that they were planning on thousands of people to attend at three different locations in Long Beach, Hawaii, and Toronto, Canada, but that all three locations fizzled, with hardly anybody showing up. Don was told that only 8 people showed up in Toronto and about 23 in Long Beach. .
Sherri Kane's 'Career'
Sherri has described herself as a former FOX News reporter (or journalist) in a number of her internet radio shows with Len, but so far I haven't been able to confirm that she actually worked for FOX News. In fact, I've been told that she applied for FOX, but was turned down. Don Nicoloff found a casting profile on Sherri Kane posted to the internet with an outfit called Got Cast. She didn't mention that she worked as a reporter for FOX News in her career background c.v. on her Got Cast profile which can be found here: (probably uploaded in March 2009)
You can see from her career c.v., that she says she's an Actor, Comedian, Host, Writer, and Model. I thiink that a "FOX News reporter" would have been a big ticket item for anyone wanting to brag about their work experience. I also notice that she says that she "Owned, managed and operated a restaurant" from 1993 to 1998.
I checked the dates of the people who posted comments to Sherri's page (at the bottom of her page). All of the posting are dated between March and April of 2009, therefore Sherri likely uploaded the page in March 2009. I decided to verfify when the profile was first posted to the internet by checking with the Wayback Machine. The page comes up on as being first crawled on April 1, 2009, therefore, as I had surmised, Sherri uploaded the page in March of 2009.
Sherri claims in the profile seen below that's she's 31 years old. If that's true, and assuming that Sherri posted the profile in 2009, then Sherri Kane was 15 years old in 1993, the year that she claims she "owned, managed, and operated" a restaurant. So here we have a clear indication that Sherri is more than willing to play fast & loose with the facts. You think maybe this is the only time that Sherri Kane has made something up?
sherrikane • Sherri K.
Los Angeles, CA • 31 years old
Actor ; Comedian ; Host ; Writer ; Model
images - 1 to 7 of 7 [view all]
Actor ; Comedian ; Host ; Writer ; Model
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 7" Weight: 125 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Pants: 6
Shoes: 8
Union: SAG
Areas Of Expertise
Promotional Experience
• VERIZON Wireless Vcast Promotion
• T MOBILE Fave 5 Promotion –
• ROSS Sampling Promo –
• RYOBI Promotion -
• PHILIPS Lighting Promotion -
• ENSURE Sampling Promo –
• FRITO-LAY Flat Earth Sampling Promo –
• VASELINE Lotion Promo --
• DOVE Shampoo Promo –-
• DOVE Energy Glow Promo –
• DOVE Body Wash –
• CARESS Exotic Oils Body Wash –
• PROPEL Vitamin Water- March of Dimes Walk Event-
• TARGET Black Friday Event –
• Ambassador for LOWE’ S Realtor Program –
• GUILTLESS GOURMET Natural Food Products- Demo Chef/Sampler
• Wine Tasting Rep / Guide
• Cooking Demos (I am also a professional Chef)
• Various Trade Show & Conference Experience (See Outline Above

April 1993-August 1998
Owned, managed and operated a restaurant
These are enlargements of the seven photos which Sherri posted with the above profile. Somehow, Len's characterization of Sherri as an "outstanding investigative reporter" doesn't square with the career path she seems to be interested in pursuing here.
Sherri taking a break from her investigative research
Sherri Kane in Pussy Cat boots
Hungry?                                                                                                                                       The Bride of Frankie (or is it Lenny?)
Sherri Kane Wants you to eat                Sherri Kane as The Bride of Frankenstein
Sherri Kane on Couch,  Casting
The Girl Next Door
Sherri Kane as The Girl Next Door 1         Sherri Kane as The Girl Next Door 2
The Girl Next Door Who's Been Playing Around a While
Sherri Kane as The Vamp
Horowitz & Kane's Insane Allegations Against Dr. A. True Ott
June 8, 2011. I started writing this story in the interest of defending Ted Gunderson mostly, since he seemed to be the main focus of Len and Sherri's over-the-top delirious diatribes expressed in their newsletters and during radio interview shows, but now it's beginning to look like Dr A. True Ott was the top target. Today I got an e-mail from True Ott which included a copy of a temporary restraining order
filed against A. True Ott by Sherri Kane on June 2, 2011 for:
" Death threat(s) from person e-mailed to Sherri Kane in year long harassment and terror campaign linked to journalist murders and recent shootings in Tucson, AZ of Cogresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Judge John Roll, and several others by Jared Loughner, along with compromise of CIA operative Valerie Plame by White House "reporter" Jeff Gannon (possibe a a.k.a., Johnny Gosch)."
In section 4 of the CH-100, "Request for Orders to Stop Harassment," Sherri checked off two boxes that read:
1) I was hurt (physically or emotionally) by the person in 2 here.
2) Other (specify) "Evidence of death(s) by person links to Judge McCarthy Roll Murder"
When asked in section 6-c: "Did the person in 2 [refers to True Ott] commit any acts of violence or threaten to commit any acts of violence against you?" Sherri checked "yes." It then goes on:
If yes, describe those acts or threats: "Threatened murder, following murder of friend Don Harkins, and terrorizing mailings linking True Ott to the murder of Judge Roll, attempted murder of Gabrielle Giffords, and campaign to compromise U.S. Diplomat Wilson and wife/CIA agent V. Plame."
Section 6-d asks: "Did the person in 2 engage in a course of conduct that harassed you and caused substantial emotional distress?:" Sherri checked "yes." It then goes on:
If yes, describe: " Ongoing series of threatening, anti-semitic e-mails, evidencing a conspiracy to commit political assassinations, hate crimes and MKULTRA-like activities impacting public health and safety, and threatening U.S. National Security."
(Yes, they actually had the Chutzpah to throw in "threatening U.S. National Security.")
(read the entire restraining order at this link:
Beyond the ludicrous "death threats, " Sherri accuses True Ott of having the alias names of David Main and John Smith which she includes next to True Ott's name on the temporary restraining order as "a.k.a." identities. She also lists True's "work address" as PO Box 88, Ponderay, Idaho 83852.
True Ott has no idea who David Main or John Smith is, nor does he own, control or know anything about PO Box 88, in Ponderay, Idaho.
Why Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz believe that True Ott owns these alias names or has a PO Box in Ponderay, Idaho, is beyond me, but it doesn't seem to matter. Apparently, any statement or any fantastical allegation leveled against True Ott is sufficient grounds for Judge Corey S. Cramin, of the Harbor Justice Center, Laguna Hills Facility, Laguna Hills, California, to issue a temporary restraining order against Dr. A. True Ott, effective June 2, 2011 and to further appraise Dr Ott that if he fails to attend the June 22, 2011 hearing at the Laguna Hills Facility, and fails to prove his innocence, that the restraining order will be extended out to three years.
It doesn't seem to matter that the hearing location is a 15 minute drive for Sherri Kane, who lists an address in Laguna Beach, California, while Dr Ott has to travel from Ogden, Utah to attend the California hearing where he has to establish his innocence. It also doesn't seem to matter that Dr Ott has never physically met Sherri Kane and that he lives in a state far removed from her location. It's also extremely strange that Sherri Kane is not required to provide some sort of substantive, verifiable evidence that any of her wild allegations against Dr. Ott are true. I guess just making the allegation is enough to gain a temporary restraining order with Judge Corey S. Cramin of the Laguna Hills Facility, Superior Court of Orange County.
Now here's where it gets really scary. Accompanying the temporary restraining order issued on June 2, 2011 are the follwoing notices:
Warning and Notices to the Restrained Person in 2 [refers to A.True Ott]
You Cannot Have Guns or Firearms
"You cannot own, have, possess, buy, or try to buy, receive or try to receive, or otherwise get a gun while this Order is in effect. If you do, you can go to jail and pay a $1,000 fine. You must sell to a licensed gun dealer or turn in to police any guns or firearms that you have or control in accordance with item 8 above. The court will require you to prove that you did so. If you do not obey this Order, you can be charged with a crime."
Instructions for Law Enforcement
"This Order is effective when made. It is enforceable anywhere in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, all tribal lands, and all U.S. Territories and shall be enforced as if it were an order of that jurisdiction by any law enforcement agency that has received the Order, is shown a copy of the Order, or has verified its existence on the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System ( CLETS). If the law enforcement agency has not received proof of service on the restrained person, and the restrained person was not present at the court hearing, the agency shall advise the restrained person of the terms of the Order and then shall enforce it. Violations of this Order are subject to criminal penalties."
What this means is that effective the moment that Dr Ott was given service of the above restraining order, that any guns that he might have in his possession at home in Utah are now subject to immediate confiscation unless he immediately sells them to a licensed gun dealer or turns them over to the police. Failure to do so, will put him in jeopardy of being arrested, charged with a crime, and forced to pay a $1,000 fine.
This is the immediate effect of having this restraining order issued by Superior Court Judge Corey S. Cramin based solely on the ALLEGATIONS made by Sherri Kane.
There is a serious issue of constitutional abuse taking place here. The U. S. Constitution guarantees American citizens the right of due process. That means that you are entitled to face your accusers in a court of law and compel the accuser to provide reasonable evidence and proof that their allegations are true--before any sort of judgment is rendered against you.
With this restraining order signed by Judge Cramin, there is no due process.
Unbeknownst to Dr. A.True Ott living in Ogden, Utah, Sherri Kane enters a courtroom in Laguna Hills, California, fills out a form that includes the most outlandish and bizarre allegations under the sun, signs it and submits it to the judge - who then grants a temporary restraining order - which now forces True Ott to immediately dispose of any firearms he may own - a right guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution - or face arrest and imprisonment for "failing" to obey a court order. On top of that, he has to travel 900 or 1,000 miles to appear in a California courtroom in order to "prove" his innocence of Kane's allegations, when there was no proof presented by her of his guilt!
This is not justice, this is tyranny.
No different than the tyranny suffered under the Star Chamber system of old England. The abuses suffered under the Star Chamber system was one of the big reasons we fought the British in the American Revolutionary War.
It's crazy enough that Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane have undertaken this outlandish smear campaign against True Ott and others, but to now go to an Orange County Superior Court judge and make these preposterous charges and then get a temporary restraining order issued without having any way to substantiate their insane allegations tells me that True Ott is being set up by hidden manipulators who are scheming in league with Horowitz and Kane in an attempt to get True arrested and indicted on trumped up charges. Nothing else makes sense.
Normal, rational people don't do things like this! Ordinary people would be too concerned about the legal backlash that would ensue from making such wild and bizarre allegations in Superior Court and have no way to substantiate them. Horowitz and Kane are behaving so crazily, brazenly, and boldly because they've both been assured by government operatives that they will not face any legal consequences.
I'm only speculating, of course, but this whole affair is a setup to put True Ott in prison on trumped up charges (like Edgar Steele) and to stop Dr. Ott from writing and doing his daily radio show. He's apparently hitting too many nerves.
Now the craziness of Horowitz and Kane's illogical behavior for the past few months is beginning to make sense.
To be continued...
Ken Adachi

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