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Leonard Horowitz - The Real Story (1999)

[while I do not agree with many of the statements made in this 1999 article, I do feel some of the reasons stated not to trust Horrorwitch are valid, so I'm posting the entire article - those familiar with my research and positions will easily be able to tell which points I do not agree with -ed]

Leonard Horowitz - The Real Story

November 13, 1999
Mohawk College - Hamilton, Ontario

Leonard Horowitz, lives a pastoral life as a Messianic Jew, engrossed in bible reading and thumping in a quiet town tucked away in northern Idaho.
So, how did this man, destined to be a crusader for God's message, come by his notoriety, not by having his own cable-tv show, but by adopting a rabid anti-immunization, anti-government, anti-everyone point of view. He lives on the shores of an isolated lake, with his wife and three young children, protected in the knowledge that he knows the secrets to the universe. He believes in the Apocalypse, the "End Time", and he's right at home, just one of many survivalists in the area, not far from Ruby Ridge.
The last time he appeared in Canada he mesmerized a group of dental hygienists, chiropractors and assorted visitors from other galaxies at the Mohawk College Theatre, in Hamilton, Ontario.
Some people in the audience took home educational credits. Others, like yours truly, took home a fist full of notes, about 6 hours of tapes, and another Horowitz induced state of catatonia. I was so enraged at his presentation that I froze at the computer for about 30 seconds. Wow, it must be that my DNA crystals were "fast frozen" by his energy waves.
The revival meeting was organized by an outfit known as Dynamic Seminars, a group based in Dundas, Ontario. One of their claims to fame is that none other than Katrina Kulhay, chiropractor to the stars of the media in Toronto, has a place in their stable of other near perfect experts.

What he believes?

  • Dentist sees immunization as evil - Conspiracy theorist sees modern medicine as a money-making, complex cover-up
  • Dr. Len Horowitz Blasts New AIDS 'Out Of Africa' Claims - UFO Sightings web page - 1999
  • Denver airport is the site of a top secret underground city for the New World Order - of course everything about this site is unconfirmed, except by Lenny.
  • Vaccine Forces Assail Harvard Grad Dr. Len Horowitz - Political and Religious Perspectives Considered Too "Radical" Proponent and anti-vaccine lobby leaders have warned audiences about Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a Harvard graduate independent investigator, public health educator, and author of the bestselling book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? According to leaders of both vaccine camps, Dr. Horowitz's publication and presentations, that detail the political and religious aspects of the vaccine agenda, are harmful to increasing vaccine awareness and debate.
    Vaccine risk awareness proponents, likewise, express concern that Dr. Horowitz's "conspiracy theories" and religious bent are too "radical" to be supported. Barbara Loe Fisher, Cofounder of the National Vaccine Information Center was among the first to censor Dr. Horowitz's presentations at a conference which was cosponsored by Dr. Horowitz's own organization, Tetrahedron, Inc., in 1997.
  • The origin of CFS is right inside my head along with every other idea ever put there by God - Roger G. Mazlen, M.D.'s 1998 radio show transcript discusses his new book.
  • The X-Files and CFS - Why was Horowitz invited to the Vancouver in 1996? Did he actually speak at the International AIDS conference? Lots of links to like-minded folks.
  • Chemtrail crimes documented - this was one of the topics that Lenny spoke about at Mohawk College to an audience of true believers. It's in 5 languages, just in case the pictures are not worth a thousand words.
  • Canada's Consumer Health page dedicated to Len - Right at home is the wonderfully gifted David Icke, and Stanley Burroughs. They've got something to clean your body, your brain and your bowels of all this alien pollution.
  • A Whale of a Tale - with loads of links on subjects that are near and dear to Lenny's double helix
  • Gary Null's interview - a must see - 1995 Every single person mentioned at Mohawk is here in one place. Check it out

More Links to Lenny's book reviews

What other's think

Lenny's schedule and sponsors

  • StarTech - Utah meeting - Guest Speakers include: Robert Atkins, MD; Henry West, DC; Joyce Riley, RN, BSN; Julie Prece, PhD; Mark Ungar, National ADD Association; Vincent Speckhart, MD; Dan Clark, MD; Charles Wilcher, DC, ND; Gus Kaubish, DC; Jane Staley. In a private communication from Australia, I was told that there is a possibility that Hulda Clark might be there as well. Unfortunately, her trial for practicing medicine without a license in Indiana may interfere with this.

Lenny's Lair - How did a nice formerly Jewish boychik from Boston, end up in Idaho?

  • Bonner County, Idaho - Sandpoint Bonner County Health and Welfare (all services)
    1717 West Ontario
    Sandpoint, ID 83864
    208-263-4198 FAX
    I suggest that you call them to set the record straight on Pertussis and immunization rates for this county. Ask them about Dr. Len Horowitz in the community.

  • The 1997 Pertussis outbreak - Len said that his county had the highest non-compliance rate in the State, or was it the entire State? Less than 2/3 of the Idaho children under age 2 were fully immunized in 1997. That was the lowest in the United States. Note that the number of infected patients increased Statewide by about 550% in one year. When did Lenny and his wife move to Bonner County?

  • Summary epidemic in Northern Idaho

  • Idaho's immunization rate has risen dramatically and now matches the national average, an encouraging confirmation that Governor Dirk Kempthorne's immunization goal is within reach.- This press release tells a different story in 1999. So what's the real story about immunization rates?

  • KILLER COUGH September 22, 1997 PBS NEWSHOUR Transcript Two year old Derek Lennis was one of 460 Idaho residents and thousands of Americans who caught whooping cough this spring. A two-month-old Idaho child died. Parents say the outbreak hit with a fury.
    Almost half of under-vaccinated pre-schoolers get pertussis, and Coeur DíAlene family physician Dick McLandress says heís confounded by parental failure to immunize. Derek's parents said that his shots were up to date.

  • Latest immunization schedule for children - U.S. - American Academy of Pediatrics

  • Pertussis facts sheets and treatment guidelines

  • Panhandle Health Department web site - There's also a map of the panhandle of Idaho. Boundary County, which is just north of Bonner County, in area #1, is the home of Ruby Ridge shootout with the Federal government.

  • National Network for Immunization Information - - IDSA - Infections Diseases Society of America - You can sign up for their vaccine alert newsletter.

  • Vaccines don't cause autism - AMA Resources on Infectious disease
    The AMA believes that critical public health decisions must be made on the basis of well-conducted scientific research and established scientific fact, and not on anecdotal case reports.

  • Vaccine Forces Assail Harvard Grad Dr. Len Horowitz - Elaine Zacky - Tetrahedron, Inc. Political and Religious Perspectives Considered Too "Radical"
    Dr. Horowitz concluded, "I think it's fine that many people may not want to hear what I have to say. Since vaccine manufacturers like Merck, Sharp & Dohme are among the leading depopulation funding sources, and their related organizations, like the Merck Fund, currently fund depopulation programs aimed at reducing the world's population by half as prophesied in the Bible, I encourage my detractors to disregard my message and God's laws. As our new bumper-sticker advises: 'GET VACCINATED. The World Needs Fewer Fools!'"

  • Vaccination: The UnGodly Practice - By Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. Pastor Norm Franz and Errol Owen Biblical support for those who wish to avoid vaccinations for spiritual and religious reasons include the following law prohibiting genetic engineering or the use of its products:
    Leviticus:19:19 Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen [plant] and woolen [animal] come upon thee.
    Ezekiel 3:18-20 provides a pretty good argument why it's important to relay these facts concerning vaccines, blood transfusions, sin, and death: "When I say to a wicked man, 'You will surely die,' and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his evil ways in order to save his life, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood. But if you do warn the wicked man and he does not turn from his wickedness or from his evil ways, he will die for his sin; but you will be saved yourself."

Anyone wanting to call Sherri Kane (aka Scary Pain), here is her telephone number: 310-877-3002.  By all means, give her a call and give her a piece of your mind.

She LIED her ass off to the host of Ken Adachi's site:

Hi, I am contacting you to report a website that is hosted by you that continues to libel, slander, and post private stolen copyrighted videos belonging to me.  The site is webmaster, Peter Boudreau, a white supremacist refuses to remove this content after i have contacted him numerous times.

These are the pages on his site:

Please remove the content on these sites.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best Regards, Sherri Kane 310 877 3002


Ken Adachi's response to Part A:
> Quote,
> "The webmaster, Peter Boudreau, a white supremacist refuses to remove this
> content after i have contacted him numerous times."
> 1. I am not Peter Boudreau and he is not the web master of my web site. I know who Peter Boudreau is, but Kane erroneously believes that he and I are the same person. We are not. She is basing her assumption on false information provided by another party. She not only doesn't know who Peter Boudreau is, but she has never read a word he has written about anything, and yet she claims the man is a white supremacist.
> 2. Sherrie Kane has never contacted me "numerous times" (or Peter Boudreau). Anyone can send me an e-mail from the web site contact page. To my knowledge, I have never received an e-mail from Sherri Kane, but if I did, I wouldn't respond to her; as she uses such a reply as a pretext for going before the California courts and falsely claim that she is being "threatened and harassed" and gets a Temporary Restraining Order issued against you without providing any proof whatsoever of her allegations (much as she has done here).
> This statement is not true:
> "continues to libel, slander, and post private stolen copyrighted videos belonging to
> me."
> 1. I have not written anything about this woman that could be construed as libel or slander, but Sherri Kane has made many statements about me and many other individuals, in print and over the radio, which COULD be construed as libel, slander, and defamation of character. This woman has been engaged in character assassination of at least 8 other individuals since August of 2010, and yet she charges those who DEFEND themselves against her bogus claims as being guilty of slandering HER, when the truth is quite the opposite. Kane has only recently added me to her “hit list”.
> 2. I have not posted "private stolen copyrighted videos" from her or anyone else. I had posted 4 or 5 articles that have been critical of this woman's behavior in which she and her boyfriend, Leonard Horowitz, have been engaging in an intense smear campaign against Dr. A True Ott and Ted Gunderson, two individuals whose investigative work is posted at my web site and whose reputation, character, and integrity I endorse and support.
> Here is my article which she claims is posting "her" copyrighted video:
> A) Look at this page and please note that there is NO video POSTED on my page (as falsely claimed by Kane), but rather I put up a LINK to ANOTHER web site where the video was posted.
> B) Even though I did not post the video clip at my web site, the video in question was recorded and is OWNED by a woman named Roxie Hampton, a former associate of Sherri Kane. Roxie Hampton sent HER video to Dr A True Ott, along with a signed RELEASE FORM, placing her video in PULBIC DOMAIN--meaning ANYBODY CAN POST THE VIDEO SINCE THE OWNER, ROXIE HAMPTON, RELEASED IT INTO PUBLIC DOMAIN.
> Sherri Kane is seen in the video because she wanted to have herself recorded in order to obtain incriminating statements against her "business partner", Leonard Horowitz. However, her plans backfired on her, and due to a falling out with Hampton, it wound up on the internet--FREE of copyright restrictions. I posted a LINK to this copyright-free, public domain video clip, owned by Roxie Hampton (and posted at another web site not owned by me).
> C) Please examine all of the urls below from my web site which Kane sent to you and tell me which ones contain "private, copyrighted" materials which were “stolen” from her.
> These articles are copyrighted to Ken Adachi and; not Sherri Kane. The articles are written by me and they are critical of Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz's behavior.
> The photos of Sherri Kane re-posted on my site were obtained from a publicity promotion website of Kane's choosing, which I provide the link to, along with full attribution to that site, as the source of the photos. Kane has no problem copying and posting other people's photos from the internet and post them to her slam pieces about others, but doesn't like it when someone post HER photos--which she uploaded to the internet-- in an article which is critical of her.
> There is no issue of copyright infringement or theft of copyrighted material here. Sherri Kane has followed a predictable pattern over the past year of FALSELY claming injury when her real goal is to silence her critics - which she has created for herself by HER slanderous attacks launched against others.
> Sherri Kane had tried using the California court system to set up a pretext to get Dr True Ott (who lives in Utah and never met Sherri Kane) dragged into a California court and answer allegations of conspiracy to "commit murder" (and other, utterly BIZARRE fantasies created by Kane), but that attempt FAILED for her when in July 2011, the court DISMISSED her ludicrous claims for a "permanent restraining order" and her equally bogus charges made against True Ott, and cancelled her Temporary Restraining Order against him issued SOLELY upon her FALSE claims against him.
> I described her restraining order gambit at this url:
> You can read of the Sherri Kane "restraining order" court dismissal at Dr True Ott's web site,
> (By the way, I am not an "affiliate" of, as Kane falsely claims. I support A True Ott's work in my editorial comments and I link to his web site from time to time, but that's not hardly the same thing as being a "affiliate" of his.)
> If you wish to talk on the phone, you can call me and tell me how to reach you and I'll call you back.
> If my web site is up, you can e-mail me at ...
> Otherwise, my backup e-mail address remains: ...
> Please restore my web site as soon as possible. I get anywhere from 3.5 million to 4.5 million hits per month from nearly 170 different countries. When my site goes down unexpectedly like this, it shakes up a lot of readers and requires long explanations from me.
> If this happens again, please call me AND send an e-mail if a similar situation arises. I’m more likely to hear the voice mail first.
> Thank you,
> Ken Adachi, Editor


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