Friday, August 12, 2011

Chemtrails return to SF / Lenny Horrorwitch returns to the 3rd grade

Chemtrails are as of today back and in full force.  Video to follow.  I remember this time last year witnessing the same pattern, where june and july were mostly chemtrail-free, then mid-to-late august they came back with a vengeance.  Perhaps they are timed with today being the first of a 3-day giant music festival in Golden Gate Park?  Things that make me go hmmm.

Lenny boy has definitely turned the game of sticks and stones up a notch and is here to remind us of his third-grade namecalling mentality.  On his bogus site, where he dedicates an entire web presence to slandering A. True Ott and a number of others, he has recently included me, by photoshopping my face from a video of me speaking to the SF Board of Supervisors about vaccines onto a very gross, gay pornographic image, making all sorts of fantastic untrue claims.  This, of course, begs the question: why does Horrorwitch have images of gay male porn lying around?  [My girlfriend is the one who brought that one up.]  To see the latest from this "i know you are but what am I" real-deal cointelpro disinfo agent-provocateur, see here and to see the latest absurdities from the rambling Babbles Fart-Smell see here These people really need to put the crackpipe down and step away from the keyboard.  The more lies and slander that they spew, the deeper they are digging their own graves, and at this point they are nailing themselves into their own coffins and throwing the dirt down the hole themselves.  Their credibility is done, over, zero, zilch, nada, kaput.  Interesting to see Lenny argue about the video I made which I posted, comprised of footage owned by RJ Hampton and used by permission, saying it's no big deal, it's just a lover's quarrel and there's nothing to it - if that's the case Lenny boy then why are you and Scary Pain so hell-bent on preventing the world from seeing it?  By the way, those in-the-know decision-makers on the higher levels of intel have already seen it and have already conclusively decided correctly, that you are both fraudulent liars, maliciously slinging your slanderous allegations around meanwhile pumping this bogus 528 crap in efforts to make money among other dark agendas.  Seems like you two may be the last ones to know that for you, the game of credibility has already ended.

I just think it's funny how Horrorwitch puts me on a page called "fame seekers" when it is he himself who is giving me all the fame.  Go figure.   Just add it to a long list of contradictions.

A Case for Including “Chemtrails” in the Disability Known as “Aerotoxic Syndrome”

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